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Welcome to Hollywood Dance Academy

The Hollywood Dance Academy was founded in 2014, operating as Hollywood Jive.

The Academy was named after its geographical location in Hollywood, Blessington County Wicklow.

We opened our second school in Kildare shortly after 2014.

In 2019 we opened our services to the Dublin area.

We hold classes in Modern Jive, Salsa, bachata & Kizomba.

Caroline Finlay the founder and creator of the Hollywood Dance Academy. Caroline taught her students Modern Jive, Salsa & Bachata.

I’m sure you are well aware of the components and sequence of movements in Modern Jive covers a fusion of Salsa, Lindy hop, country jive, ballroom, rocking roll, it’s a popular dance in the UK and France.

Caroline along with a very small circle of modern jive teachers had significant input ingrown the modern jive community here in Ireland and she gained valuable contacts within the Ceroc dancing company where she travelled back and forth to the UK and Europe as she grew in experience applying this in her classes.

Jonathan Daly assisted Caroline in the demonstration of solo movement and partner.

Jonathan has been training under the world mastery program, development has now reached a certified level of coaching Salsa and Bachata footwork & body movements.

Jonathan's dancing journey started in 2016 with the Hollywood Dance Academy applying his time to Modern Jive now adding Salsa and Bachata to his art. He has also become a successful promoter for dance across the world establishing working relations with some of the world's top artists.

Modern Jive Classes

Hollywood Dance Academy currently runs modern jive dance classes two nights a week. Modern jive is a blending of Latin dance, swing, salsa, lindy-hop and rock & roll. Modern Jive dance is versatile and can be danced to all types of music from forties swing to modern. Hollywood Jive dance classes are a great way to learn a new skill all while staying fit and active. 

At Hollywood Dance Academy, we welcome beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers. You do not need to have any dance experience or dance partner to join us here at Hollywood Jive – just a passion for dance and a willingness to learn!

Modern Jive Dance Classes are held in:

Hollywood Dance Academy

Located directly beside Just Print, Ballymount Cross Industrial Estate D24 E5MH

Modern Jive is a great way to exercise, stay active and meet new people with a shared interest. Dance classes are €10 pay as you go, or you can sign up for a 6 week course for €55.

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Private Classes

In addition to our modern jive dance classes, Hollywood Dance Academy also runs regular, private dance lessons in Salsa and Bachata.
Our salsa and Bachata lessons are for beginners in these dances. We bring in the very best salsa and Bachata dance instructors to teach all our dancers the basic steps and techniques. 

Hollywood Dance Academy's private dance classes can be booked for all kinds of events and occasions like weddings, birthday parties, hen parties and more.

Dance classes with Hollywood Jive are a great way to keep fit and active, all while having fun and making new friends.

Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Learn at your own pace
Take your dancing to the next level faster progress.

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Our vision for the Academy is to eventually bring it towards the national and world-renowned Academy of excellence and to bring a vibrant energy to the dancing community here in Ireland and revive dancing after the crisis we have found ourselves in due to COVID.

This could be something your establishment can help us with and also bring a new era of dancing here in Ireland by using the name Hollywood and other ideas we have will give rise to a new injection of students around Ireland by using the Hollywood Dance Academy name and adding attraction, glamour and publicity and giving the right accolades to students in the same time.

The Hollywood Dance Academy has had experience in holding events of up to 200 participants over full weekends with just a small team.

Annual Events

Hollywood Dance Academy Weekender

Hollywood Dance Academy, Eggsrtavagenza Easter Ball.

Hollywood Dance Academy, afternoon tea dances

Hollywood Dance Academy, Masquerade Ball

Hollywood Dance Academy, 80’s Night

Hollywood Dance Academy, 3 nights in September

All events have been successful and welcomed uk and Irish dancers.

We are now going to add;

The Irish World Masters bachata festival

The Irish World Masters Salsa festival

The Irish World Masters Kizomba festival

The Irish World Masters Jive festival



Winners will receive an Irish master's title and prize money and have the option to perform in theater and movie productions.

All the events are sponsored and organized by the Hollywood dance Academy and sanctioned by the Irish government

We would like to add these events to amateur, senior, and professional participants.

We will push forward with our plans to hold these events in 2022/2023 with affiliation to the World Mastery Program.

We pride ourselves on passion, vision, work ethic filled with positive vibrations.

Check Out Our Facebook for More Information on Upcoming Events or Contact Hollywood Dance Academy Today

Dance Instructors

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Caroline Finlay – Modern Jive /Bachata Teacher

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Jonathan Daly – Sensual Bachata Teacher

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Salsa teacher - performer Juan Camilo Gonzalez world Salsa Champion

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

James and Evelyn - Sensual, modern, Dominican bachata teachers, performers, UK bachata star champions

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

AryMaura 2018 Kizomba teachers performers 2018 Angola Champions

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Ginga Boo Miss Sonny Valera Teacher, Promoter, Performer

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Johely Guilarte 1 st place in "Venezuela en Salsa" and 1 st place in "South American Salsa Championship".

 Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Dario y Cristina Subcampeones Open Internacional kizomba 2019

Dance Weekenders

Dance Trips


Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

This is the class you've been looking for. The craic is 90, the classmates are ace and the moves on the floor are epic. Better than any gym with a total mind body workout. You'll laugh, you'll dance, you'll enjoy, and you will be back for more. You learn to dance really well almost by accident. It's a brilliant social exercise that works the mind and body and much better value for money than a gym.

John A O’Connor

Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Cannot recommend this group highly enough. Fun classes with a fantastic bunch of people who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. When it comes to dance weekenders Caroline and her crew do it right. Every little detail is thought about, with their aim being to give you the best weekend you can possibly have. It’s always worth the trip to Dublin. If you haven’t tried Hollywood Jive yet, what are you waiting for?

Andrea Houston

Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

This dance class is fantastic. There are a great bunch of people who make you so welcome. And top class teachers who have great devotion and make learning to dance good fun so you just want to do it. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to dance..

Louise Byrne Manning

Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Great atmosphere, friendly bunch of people, lots of fun and laughter, very relaxed no stresses.

William McCrory

Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

I love Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness. Beautiful teacher in Caroline and lovely people. So relaxed and a great social dance class. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Mary Redmond

Hollywood Jive Dance Fitness

Excellent for fitness, good company. Dancing takes us out of ourselves, encouraging physical fitness, and at the same time providing a social occasion!

Brian Miller

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